Aldeburgh Phoenix Club

As your new chairman I am sorry that I have to start on a sad note.

I am sure that I speak for all of you when I say how devastated  we feel at the loss of our President David Smith.  All our thoughts and prayers are for Cheryl and her family.

May I say how proud and honoured I feel at being elected as your new Chairman.Whilst I may have all the qualifications required to undertake this position I feel humbled by the enormity of the task, but I assure you that I will give this position all my earnest endeavours.

My main plans for the coming year are to successfully comply with the Government new rules on Data Protection. I can assure you that this is well in hand and I have complete confidence that we will comply wholly with this legislation.

We also need to have a strategy covering the way forward for APC in the immediate future, re:  Functions,  website, venues etc. and encouragement of prospective new members so that they may also enjoy the benefits of our warm and friendly community.

Your Committee has given you a varied and entertaining programme for the coming season, which I hope you will find enjoyable and stimulating.

We have introduced an exciting new venue this year, The Aldeburgh Golf Club where we shall meet on three occasions… October 25th2018, November 22nd 2018 and January 24th 2019.

I am sure that you will find this innovative venue, which has fantastic views, easy parking, disabled facilities and above all excellent food, very appealing.

We get underway with our opening dinner at the Wentworth Hotel on October 11th 2018.

Finally, I look forward greatly to getting to know you and welcoming you to the forthcoming events.

With my very best wishes,

John Day


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