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A message from the Club Chairman,

Greetings and welcome to the Aldeburgh Phoenix Club web-site. I extend a very warm welcome to all readers and trust the web-site will provide the interest you desire.

One of the remarkable achievements of modern life is the ability to communicate quickly by means of the internet. Aldeburgh Phoenix Club is in a fortunate position that it can inter-relate with most of its members due to the close proximity of the area in which we live. There is however certain information which may not be communicated due to reasons beyond our normal control. The introduction of the club web-site can possibly help to achieve that missing link; it will keep you informed and provide that continuous flow of information from your Committee. Equally it can be used by the member’s to advise on any issue appertaining to matters involving the Club. I recommend the web-site to all members and to potential new members to examine the club activities.

An important part of a club organisation is the Committee. I am exceedingly grateful to have an excellent Committee who are working hard to maintain the success of the club throughout the year. I believe this year’s programme will offer a varied and interesting season of meetings at a cost similar to last year. There is always the need to encourage members to consider their partition in joining the Club Committee; we meet an average of  four meetings per year, short in duration and normally conducted in an afternoon. Please give this some consideration.

One very important event will occur next year, the 70th anniversary of the Club. Active preparation is in progress to mark this landmark in the Club’s history – keep a watch on the club web-site for information.

With best wishes,

Tim Scotchmer

Club Chairman