The Club will use one of the four venues listed for our meetings:-

Aldeburgh Community Centre

Kings Field, Aldeburgh IP15 5HY

01728 453 399

Aldeburgh Golf Club

Saxmundham Road, Aldeburgh IP15 5PE

01728 452 890

Wentworth Hotel

Wentworth Road, Aldeburgh IP15 5BD

01728 452 312

"Pro Corda"

Leiston Abbey,

Theberton, Leiston,

IP16 4TD

01728 831 354




Aldeburgh Community Centre52.15644971.5924299IP15 5HY
Aldeburgh Golf Club52.16238551.5806371IP15 5PE
Wentworth Hotel52.15652071.6030675IP15 5BD
Pro Corda52.22222721.5767983IP16 4TD

Click on each marker on the Google map to find the location of each society.

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