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Originally formed from the advent of the Aldeburgh Festival in 1948 as a social and hospitable focal point for Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears and supporters to provide a convivial meeting place. The Aldeburgh Festival Club developed into a well established part of the Aldeburgh community winter and spring calendar. Always associated closely to the established Festival and Musical activities but with the emphasis drawn towards a social and dinning club with a guest Speaker. Various venues have been used during the long history of the club. 

In 2014 the Club members agreed to regenerate the club activities as within the passing of time the close association to the Festival has declined and now needed to stand alone. It was formally agreed to rename as the ALDEBURGH PHOENIX CLUB, so the 2015//16 season offer the commencement of the new club with an exciting programme. To follow what we have to offer go to the 'Events page' and view our meetings, Speakers and other details.

The Chairman and Committee look forward to meeting its members and prospective members during the year. If you are interested in discovering more about the club please contact the Chairman using the 'Contact Us' page on this web-site.